Exhibitor: Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS)

Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ETS) is decarbonizing industry with new electric heating and storage technologies. ETS’s Joule Hive™ thermal battery turns intermittent renewable electricity into constant industrial-grade heat. It is a stack of electrically conductive firebricks in an insulated container, which may be installed on-site as a drop-in replacement to fossil fuels in even the hottest industries. The system charges by running electricity directly through the bricks to joule-heat them, circumventing the operating limits of today’s electric heaters. The same bricks store thermal energy up to 1800+oC with minimal thermal loss for hours or days until needed, ensuring the least cost electricity is used to power the system.

Find out more about Electrified Thermal Solutions: www.electrifiedthermal.com

Exhibitor: Thalo Labs

Introducing the new gold standard for onsite greenhouse gas management. For the first time, you can now accurately measure, significantly reduce, and directly capture a building’s onsite greenhouse gases in real time.

We empower building owners and operators to improve and decarbonize their onsite operations with state-of-the-art technology. Our real-world solutions combine proprietary sensing, software, and capture systems to bring tools previously reserved only for utility-scale power plants to the hands of every building owner.

Find out more about Thalo Labs:  www.thalolabs.com/

Exhibitor: Pelican Energy Consultants

Pelican Energy Consultants has the expertise that you have been looking for when it comes to designing CO2 capture/transport/storage systems.  Pelican has been engineering/designing CO2 systems since 2005.  Our system designs have included capture from ethanol and gas processing facilities, large compression and purification systems for Enhanced Oil Recovery facilities, and compressor/pump stations on some of the existing major CO2 pipelines in North America.

Let our team of CO2 system experts save you time and money as you develop your CO2 plans and projects by tapping into our vast knowledge base on all things CO2.

Find out more about Pelican Energy Consultants: www.pelicanenergy.com/

Exhibitor: Ardent

Ardent pioneers advanced membrane technologies to accelerate decarbonization and transform the global industrial and energy landscape. Ardent’s Optiperm™ platform holds the key to unlock cost-effective and energy-efficient point-source carbon capture across heavy industries like cement, steel and petrochemicals that are underserved by conventional carbon capture and other decarbonization pathways. Unlike conventional separation technologies, Ardent’s state-of-the-art Facilitated Transport Membranes (FTM) rely on the chemistry of the membrane itself for energy-efficient separation. Ardent’s modular, bolt-on separation technology addresses the efficiency and scalability issues of incumbent solutions, delivering a proven, scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution that can decarbonize heavy industry at the Gigaton scale. Ardent has 30 years of manufacturing experience across power generation, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and O&G operations. Ardent has a proven track record of taking new technologies from the lab to the field, partnering with global leaders like Chevron, Pfizer, and Braskem to deliver end-to-end solutions at commercial scale.

Find out more about Ardent: ardenttechnologies.com

Exhibitor: Carbon Limit

Carbon Limit is a Climate Tech company, innovating and commercializing technologies for sustainable concrete.

Its flagship Carbon Capture technology – CaptureCrete – is a powder additive that goes into concrete, allowing it to pull CO2 pollution directly from the atmosphere and store it permanently, generating high quality carbon credits.

Find out more about Carbon Limit: www.carbonlimit.com/

Carbon Limit

Exhibitor: NovoHydrogen

NovoHydrogen offers green, distributed, industrial-grade hydrogen across the US at the lowest price point possible. Our flexible production and delivery model allows us to produce hydrogen directly onsite at client facilities or have it piped/trucked in from our regional production facilities which are currently under development. Novo is a long-term decarbonization partner and offers 10-20 year Hydrogen Purchase Agreements (HPA) with no price volatility. We work with each client to understand where hydrogen makes sense based on sustainability priorities, budget, and timeline and then make a development & supply plan tailored to those needs.

Find out more about NovoHydrogen: https://novohydrogen.com

Novo Hydrogen

Exhibitor: Graves & Co. Consulting

Graves & Co. Consulting is a registered professional engineering firm providing geological studies and reservoir characterizations in support of CCUS projects. Specifically, our capabilities include site feasibility studies, geological mapping, technical review of sequestration targets, characterizations of sub-surface seals, and baseline environmental assessments. As reservoir engineers, we are qualified to prepare studies of storage capacity and resources under the SPE-SRMS framework. When verifying stored CO2 volumes for Section 45Q tax credits, we are capable of providing MMV services and confirmation of repository performance.

Site selection assistance and pore space leasing support are provided by our affiliate, Graves & Co.

For more information about Graves & Co. Consulting visit: www.gravesconsulting.us.

Graves & Co. Consulting

Exhibitor: Anew

Anew emerged from the merger of durational industry leaders Element Markets, LLC and Bluesource, LLC, as the most experienced participant in environmental credits, including offsets, RECs, RNG, etc., in North America with over 30 years of combined industry experience. Backed by TPG Rise, Anew is accelerating the fight against climate change by enabling any company or organization to align its goals for conservation and impact with actionable next steps. The Company is a key stakeholder within the voluntary carbon market and is one of the largest marketers and developers of high-quality carbon offsets in North America.  

For more information about Anew visit: https://anewclimate.com/

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