Decarb Connect North America 2024 brought together over 250 attendees from across the industrial decarbonisation ecosystem to share knowledge and best practices for industrial decarbonization projects

Here were some of the challenges and questions which we put under the spotlight in 2024:

  • Collaboration opportunities within CCUS hubs, CO2 transportation and hydrogen project developments amongst diverse stakeholders in decarbonization. Learn effective approaches to access and leverage these opportunities.
  • The potential capabilities of emerging technologies, understanding their applications and impact on decarbonization efforts. A huge congratulations to our 2024 Next Gen Award Winners: Vigilent, Rondo Energy, Mantel Capture, Syzygy Plasmonics for their wins in the Next Gen Awards. A special mention to Brenmiller Energy, Ardent, Terra CO2 and Nanatech Technologies who were runners up in their categories.
  • How to evaluate and establish the most promising models for CO2 reuse and storage, pinpointing effective strategies for impactful carbon management.
  • The power of data solutions by delving into case studies that illustrate successful integration and highlight tangible impact on decarbonization strategies.
  • Perspectives on alternative fuel options.
  • The launch of 45Q, the creation of cleantech IP, jobs and funding for projects that will support early moves in decarbonization.
  • Investment in industrial decarbonization whether in infra, tech or projects. But how can investors get comfortable with the different risk profile of hardware investments? Collaboration between stakeholders to form new methods for co-investment and engaging money in scaling tech that can solve our decarb challenges.

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Decarb Connect North America features the best thinkers and leaders from across the decarbonization landscape, a huge thank you to our 2024 speakers including:

Key themes we focused on in 2024

Minimize risk when you learn from live case studies of industrial decarbonization projects

Find out how emitters are leveraging partnership opportunities to accelerate decarbonization

Understand the potential of new technologies and how to build company-wide trust in them.

Network with our 40% industrial audience made up of c-suite executives, government, and innovators in decarbonization

Join site tours to see how decarbonization tech is being deployed and scaled in the energy capital of the world

Understand collaborative opportunities and select potential partners

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About the Organiser

Decarb Connect is a resource hub and network of senior leaders tasked with tackling decarbonization strategies within energy intensive industries.

We are unique as we focus on all of the foundation industries and create products that support them in overcoming the multifaceted challenge of decarbonizing whilst working to unlock new opportunities with key stakeholders from technology, financing and investment, policy, consulting and much more.

Our mission is simple. Accelerate decarbonization and reduce emissions globally. We all play different roles in this journey and we believe ours is to work with decarbonization leaders on bringing them together to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and importantly forge partnerships that tackle the biggest issues.

We focus on those with complex challenges to solve. Our global platform combines a unique membership network of decarbonization leaders, industry renowned conferences, webinars, industry reports, podcasts and more.

If you are a stakeholder within industrial decarbonization and the green revolution, we will have something that supports your journey.